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More assertive decisions through goals and effective indicators to generate alignment.

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Talents Assess skills and improve your team’s performance.

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Recognition and Reward

Structured and transparent processes in the calculation of variable remuneration.

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Perform training management and follow the evolution of your team.

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The ones who trust us.

“Mereo has helped us to get information about performance and goal management quickly.

Favoring the quick assertive decision-making of leaders and releasing the operational burden of people.”

Tatiana Brito


” The Mereo platform helps MRV to consolidate the management system and consequently improve results.

By standardizing the rules of the PLR ​​program, we save time in calculating the achievement of goals and prizes.”

Ricardo Paixão


“The platform is intuitive and generates credibility of numbers, which were previously in Excel and math and statistics did not work.

With Mereo we managed to increase team performance and productivity.”

Camila Guimarães

Group Software

“We were able to accelerate the implementation of management processes, which are normally very loaded in spreadsheets and in costly and time-consuming processes.

The use of the tool has certainly taken us on the right path.”

Alexandre Riccio de Oliveira

Banco Inter

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