Our purpose is to encourage people and organizations to achieve their best results.

The origin of the name Mereo.

The word Mereo comes from the Latin and means “to deserve”, root of the word “meritocracy”, one of the main values of the organization.

In the idealization of the company, merit became a very clear value and a way of recognizing and rewarding people, making Meritocracy our main value and center in creating the first solutions.

How it all began..

Athila Machado


Responsible for the commercial board. He has more than 20 years of experience performing business management consultancy, developing projects in Brazil, Spain and Argentina, with management and strategy processes as specialties.

Ivan Cruz


Responsible for the board of innovation, marketing and business development. With more than 15 years of experience in business consulting at a global level, he specializes in financial analysis and strategy execution.

Marconi Rocha


Responsible for the administrative and financial board. With over 20 years of experience in the consulting market, he has extensive experience in implementing business strategies, focusing on management processes from a results-oriented perspective.

What we believe in.


To be ethical is to act within the standards of good coexistence and not harm others. Following the social principles, the customers and our work group.


In a broader sense, it is a way to reward and recognize those who deliver and exceed their goals.


Novation is not just a process, but a philosophy,
a way of looking at the world.
To innovate is to do differently.


See beyond problems, the solutions. Think, create and work in order to execute deliveries with maximum excellence.


Always be attentive to details, and seek daily improvement, including small things.
Never accept “more or less”.


We want people to challenge themselves to the maximum and be motivated to achieve their dreams to fly high.

Where people drive performance

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