Performance Management.

Follow the results of the team, the progress of demands and prepare the Action Plan in one place.

Performance Panel

View information intuitively and
dynamically on the panel to track performance.

Track your individual and shared goals more
conveniently and identify those responsible and areas.

Deviation Analysis


Goal Tracking

Track your team’s progress withEvolution Chart, view the final grade and thecriteria to achieve them with the Score.

Perform Deviation Treatment to identify thecause of deviations from unmet goals andestablish countermeasures to correct the root cause of the problems.

Cause and Effect Diagram (Fishbone)
5 Why’s Methodology
Knowledge Management
Collaborative Analysis

Breakdown of goals

With the PDCA methodology, identify theobjectives,
strategic pillars (MBO) and unfoldgoals according to
the organizational hierarchy.

Optimize the Approval Workflow with Breakdown
of Goals and visualize the origin ofguidelines in the
Performance Tree to metrifythe results of the indicators.

Approval workflow
Acceptance term
Unfolding tree

Goal sharing

Have greater credibility in the goal registerof teams
that work with the same goal. Sharing Goals or SystemWorks
with everyone’s values ​​at the same time,decreasing human
errors and unifyingthe results.

Comparison of Indicators

View the metrics on the same graph thatcontains
the same indicators. Get individual or collective results,
comparing the values ​​(independent ofpercentage) of
employees who havethe same goal.

Goals book instances

Record current and future goals without losingif you
have changes in goals orarea movements. Perform time
weights in each bookof targets in the cycles and the
instance will stopprevious panels.

Reflection of goals

Simplify Deviation Treatment and perform
validation of the results of your actions through
of the 3 topics of the Goals Reflection.

Evaluate the Action Plan and monitor what happened
right, what didn’t work and what will be done to have
effective impacts, planning the next steps from the results.

Monitoring of actions

Know the status and progress of actions
In real time.

Follow your team, identifying the
delayed or completed actions
simplified and without leaving the same screen.

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Mobility in accessing information


Platform with 9 languages available and possibility to add additional ones


Security through multiple layers of protection


Flexibility and customization for each organization


Implementation and monitoring with a specialized team


Integration with ERP systems and other platforms

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