Quick Meeting.

Simplify remote management and effectively optimize your time in meetings.

Meeting scheduling and registration

Make lists, create minutes and keep record
of all your meetings, adding the date, the
start and end time. Add staff-related
filesand automatically fire the invitation
to everyonethe members.

Task Assignment and Tracking

Create notes, assign tasks and trackthe
demands of the whole team in the same place.
View the dates and status of all activities that
will be performed after the meeting.

Meeting Panel

Track the total record of your meetings,
have the report on time spent, statusassigned
activities. On the Dashboard, you can find meeting
graphsand the summary of the tasks of all
the people who participated.

Integration with Gmail and Outlook

Sync your Outlook or Gmail calendar tounify
all your commitments created in the Quick Meeting.
Receive notifications of your upcoming meetings by
email and follow and also the calendar of your team
on the same panel.

Exclusive advantages of our solutions..


Mobility in accessing information


Platform with 9 languages available and possibility to add additional ones


Security through multiple layers of protection


Flexibility and customization for each organization


Implementation and monitoring with a specialized team


Integration with ERP systems and other platforms

Other solutions for performance.

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