Track your results with centralized management of strategic planning and diagnosis of the SWOT Matrix.

Organizational Identity

Get the full visualization of the purpose,
the organization’s mission and values.
Also track critical factors forelevate
strategy and create identity goals with
stakeholder committees.

External and Internal Analysis

Analyze the internal macroeconomic
scenario (strengths and weaknesses)
and external (opportunities andthreats)
to register the strategic map to befrom
the SWOT matrix.

SWOT matrix and correlations

Record strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and the threats of the
SWOT Matrix in your company.
Define existing priorities and correlations
the information described.

Strategic objectives and SWOT correlation

Establish the prospects for defining the
importance, seriousness and urgency of
eachstrategic objective correlating with the
SWOT. Create strategic initiatives and
metricsfor each objective that influence the project.

Strategic Map

Create the strategy map efficiently, organizing
the financial part, customers andorganization’s
internal processes. Identify perspectives, strategic
pillarsand the objectives for organizing the financial
map, learning and growth.

Monitoring of strategic initiatives and objectives

Define and track objectives, costsand
strategy initiatives, in addition to actions
that will be taken.

Metrics tracking

Track the metrics that have been achieved
with the strategic objectives and deadlines
of deliveries of projects.  Export reports for
greater control results and disseminate
them accurately.

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Mobility in accessing information


Platform with 9 languages available and possibility to add additional ones


Security through multiple layers of protection


Flexibility and customization for each organization


Implementation and monitoring with a specialized team


Integration with ERP systems and other platforms

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