Bonus Management.

Automate compensation calculations to motivate the team
and get a high performance to increase the delivery of results.

Statement release to employees with detailed calculation

Automatically send the detailed statement about the bonus, the calculation memory and the percentage of goals achieved with greater transparency.

Have the total calculation of all employees who managed to achieve the expected results.

Parameterization of calculation rules

Parameterize all bonus rule models, including the most sophisticated ones.

Avoid errors and reduce processing time by automating compensation guidelines.

Parameterization of triggers

Set the triggers to start the bonus payment.

The indicators used correlate the financial health of organizations with the payment of bonuses.

Inclusion of modifiers for bonus calculation

Include modifications (Accelerators or Reducers) that alter the calculation of employee bonuses.

In case of absenteeism or factors that are outside the rule, carry out penalties or increase the bonus amount.

Simulation of results and impact on bonuses

Simulate the results according to the current scenario and calculate the impact of the bonuses according to the achievement of goals.

Weighting by history of areas and positions

According to the movement of areas or changes in the goals, make the weighted bonuses proportional to the history.

If there are changes in positions, calculate the bonus in proportion to the time period in each function.

Exclusive advantages of our solutions..


Mobility in accessing information


Platform with 9 languages available and possibility to add additional ones


Security through multiple layers of protection


Flexibility and customization for each organization


Implementation and monitoring with a specialized team


Integration with ERP systems and other platforms

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