Skills Assessment.

Conduct the behavioral assessment of your
employees and identify the talent for succession.

Customizable Evaluation

Define the evaluation criteria by functions and
organizational values. Metrify with flexibility
in different skills hierarchical levels.

Personify your forms and your 90º, 180º and
360º evaluations, create weights different for
each type of evaluator.

Talent Matrix

With the 9Box Matrix, have the positioning
of employees in relation to the axes of
Performance and Skills, to takebetter decisions.

Identify and align talents to repositionthe
employee with the succession plan in the
Calibration Matrix.

Calibration Process

Correct the misrepresentation of the
evaluation that took place to achieve
the consensus note.

Perform the calibration process to adjust the
positioning of employees in theMatrix 9Box.


View all notes in a goals panel, deliveries and
comments on your team’s assessments.

Schedule and perform feedback to guide, develop
and have an expanded perspective of employees
with the Development Plan Individual (PDI).

Note change in feedback moment

Achieve consensus for a final gradefairer
from the assessment of the leader
andself-assessment during feedback.

Feedback evaluation received

With the evaluation of the feedback it is
possiblemap the quality of the feedback
receivedby the employee and also by the leader.

PDI Panel

Create an Individual Development Plan(PDI)
to raise the skills of allits employees. Follow
the execution of the established planby the leader
to his followers.

Results Panel

With the Results Panel export the reportsall
stages of the evaluation cycle and
managesanalyzes, such as the ranking of
better or worseassessed competence.

Follow the historical evolution of the
employeein each registered cycle.

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Mobility in accessing information


Platform with 9 languages available and possibility to add additional ones


Security through multiple layers of protection


Flexibility and customization for each organization


Implementation and monitoring with a specialized team


Integration with ERP systems and other platforms

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